Life control

We live in the illusion of separation and try to control our lives in order to feel safe. We fail to realize that in any particular life, we will go through the experiences that our soul needs for its own growth and development. Even though our personality might decide its own course of action, it will not be without pain and difficulties if those choices are too far away from our soul’s path. Unhappiness comes from resistance and the inability to express our soul’s intention. When we are in the flow of creation, we experience synchronized opportunities, success, and joy. Soul qualities are expressed when understanding and acceptance of others’ differences is predominant in one’s mind. When judgment and criticism rule, we are tapping into the lower, non-evolved part of our personality. Such separative feelings do not exist at the level of the soul. So instead of trying to control our life, let’s try to control our emotions. In so doing we will raise our vibrations and come under the protection of our soul.