Healing (part 1)

Healing is not curing, it is bringing the cells and atoms of a body to regenerate and transform themselves. It can lead to recovery for the physical body or it can lead to  freedom for the soul.

Healing needs to happen on the energetic levels as much as on the physical level. The energy fields are the mold for the physical body. All sources of illness have their source in the etheric body before they manifest in the physical. “So above so below”.

The glands are the physical expression of the chakras. There is a major gland in front of every major chakra. When a chakra is not functioning properly, the corresponding gland does not receive the necessary energy to secrete the chemicals, or hormones that are distributed through the blood stream. This creates imbalance. When this imbalance is not corrected and is sustained for a long period of time, sickness results.

What creates imbalance in a chakra?

  •           Emotional unhappiness
  •           Stress
  •           Negative thoughts
  •           Worries
  •           Fears
  •           Jealousy
  •           Anger
  •           Oppressive situations or circumstances
  •           Pollution
  •           Chemical toxicity
  •           Lack of sleep
  •           Resistance to soul direction (The more one is spiritually evolved, the more the soul influences the personality. When one resists changes they know should be made in their life, the flow of the higher vibrational energy of the soul is blocked and cannot be processed.)

Energy is a part of our subconscious mind and everyone needs to consider the well being of their energy in order to remain in good health.