Healing (part 2)

What can we do to maintain or improve the well being of our energy?

  •          Relax through means such as meditation, hot baths with essential oils, or any other methods that allow the body and the mind to let go.
  •          Receive energy healing treatments such as Reiki, massage, acupuncture, polarity therapy and others methods.
  •          Watch our thoughts and entertain only positive thoughts as much as possible.
  •          Control our emotions, so that we do not allow fear, guilt or other negative emotions to over take us. This is the time to call on your Higher self to dissolve those unwanted emotions.
  •          Sleep enough hours every night, preferably at least between 11pm and 5am.
  •          Exercise regularly. It helps the energy to flow, to ground, and to create a better bond between the energy field and the physical body.
  •          Have regular exposure to sun light and fresh air. The sun clears and energizes the energy fields.
  •          Do the work of self discovery through introspective meditation and/or hypnotherapy.

If the emotional and mental bodies are well balanced, the person will automatically take care of the well being of the physical body. Only when emotionally imbalanced, does one seek comfort through excess of food or alcohol, or addictive behaviors. A poor diet and/or addictive substances will lower the vibrations of the physical body, and prevent it from absorbing the higher vibrational energy coming from the etheric field. This also will create blocks in the chakra system.

Illness in the physical body is the effect of imbalances in the emotional or mental body. Therefore it is important to address the emotional and mental causes of the illness while also treating the physical body.