Even when we have the desire to relate to others without discrimination, different cultures and origins make it difficult to always relate or understand other people. It is even difficult to like some people  from our own background. It is true that we cannot love all personalities.  However, we need to remember that this separation exists only on this plane of consciousness, and that the soul is the origination of all human life. The soul is the part of us that is unified, that is activated by love, and represent the divine part of our being. Bringing the essence of the soul in our heart allow us to feel compassion instead of judgment, understanding instead of criticism, acceptance instead of separation. Therefore even though we cannot love every individual from the personality level, we can do it from the soul level.

How do we do this? By projecting a golden light toward the  person, group or even nation we have difficulty with, and ask for their heart and mind to be touch by the love which is the essence of our solar system. Our solar system is under the Ray 2 of energy, the ray of Love and wisdom, therefore every life, every consciousness in our solar system is animated by Love. We can particularly see it in the studies of young children and the impact that neglect has on their normal development, or the fact that elderly people who live alone, live longer when they own a pet. This makes us realize how much love is needed for our well being. The understanding that every human being does the best they can with the equipment they have, be emotional or mental, allow us to access the compassion needed to fill the gap of separation.  Surrounding people with the golden light of Grace, allow the soul connection and the healing with time of your relationship with them. Instead of being activated by lower form of emotions, your own energy become more accepting, removing the resistance that created the dissonance previously experienced.

This method can be applied in any circumstance, from family members to neighbors, to office colleges, or political opponents. This method is the easiest way to sooth difficulties and mend fences. It evokes the soul energy in both the sender and the recipient.

Office relationships:

Those can represent real challenges as they are often tainted by ealousy, rivalry, and prejudices. The law of karma affects every one of us, so what we send always returns to us. As energy follows thoughts, all we think becomes a propelled energy sent to who we are thinking about, entering their energy field, affecting them for good or evil, before this energy comes back to us. So the first rule is to practice harmlessness. We need
to control our thoughts, and reframed any negative thought that comes to us.

The other trap in offices environment is gossip. Sound moves  matter even more potently than thoughts. Participating in gossips not only hurt others, but its burden our energy field with lower vibration thought forms, that awaken the less evolved parts of our being. Gossips are hurtful to everyone and should be avoided in any and all circumstance.