Life Cycles

Every incarnated consciousness goes through cycles of growth
and development, during which a new level of consciousness
is reached and a change in life is often experienced. As far as
humanity is concerned, these cycles happen every nine years.
During the first three years of the nine-year cycle, we plant
seeds consciously or unconsciously for what we want to create.
The following four years, we reap what we have sown, good and bad,
and hopefully during that period we have learnt and grown a lot. The
last two years we let go of all that will not follow us in the next cycle,
including friends, relationships, or work situations.

During these cycles are peaks of development: at age thirty-six,
when the personality matures; at age forty-five, when we are
often pushed into new paths or rededication of the Self; and at
age fifty, when we go through our “Chiron” return. Chiron, for
the astrologers, is the symbol of the wounded healer. It takes
fifty years for Chiron to come back to the place it had been at
the time of one’s birth. Chiron’s energy pushes us to review our life,
and our life’s purpose. How well we go through our Chiron return and
how much work we put in healing the wounds of our past is a
determining factor on how well the second part of our life will be.

So reflect on where you are on your cycles of life, are you seeding
or reaping, or is it time for you to let go and move forward in your
new cycle?

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