Meet Josiane

Josiane d’Hoop is a talented healer and a committed teacher who has helped many transform their lives.

Born and raised in Paris – France, Josiane d’Hoop moved to United States in 1980. As an entrepreneur, with a degree in business, she moved from France to California, where she formed and managed an importation company. The 12 years she spent in the corporate arena, in the United States, has given her valuable insights in all aspects of business finances

When in California, Josiane was exposed to metaphysical literature and began to meditate several times a week. Shortly after beginning the practice of meditation, Josiane had a profound experience that transformed her life and re-established her connection with God. This experience drove her to intense metaphysical study. The interaction she had with her spiritual guides, led her eventually to make conscious choices to close her business in 1993 and consecrate her life to her spiritual development.

Since then Josiane’s focus has been the development of various healing modalities, and the constant perfectionism of her connection with source. She uses her knowledge and skills to help people improve their emotional well-being, and their personal relationships, their physical health and develop their spiritual awareness.

She helps others meet and work with their own spiritual guides and angels so that they can, like her find direct guidance.

Married to her husband Bill for many years, and mother of a son, Pierre-Julien, Josiane has learned from personal¬†experience that the way to improve one’s quality of life is to become a model for love, compassion and understanding.

Josiane’s commitment to her spiritual enfoldment has allowed her to¬† contribute to the enrichment of others, internationally. In addition to individual coaching, Josiane d’Hoop gives lectures, classes and seminars. Her acute intuitive abilities contribute greatly to her success.