Navigating These Challenging Times

Navigating These Challenging TimesWhat to Expect and How to Travel the Road
is a book that will assist the reader as we travel these difficult times, empowering each of us to regain control of our life when institution are breaking down, weather patterns have become unpredictable, and fear and anger are rising everywhere. Through it, I have intended not only to help you understand what is actually taking place on our earth and within our societies, but also to give you powerful tools that will help you navigate the journey as active participant in the earth’s evolution.

Navigating These Challenging Times has received the Award of “Editor’s Choice” with comments such as:

“The author has done a nice job with the structure and organization of this book. Throughout, she has done and excellent job of explaining how all the theories and philosophies included in this book apply both to the world at large and also to individuals. Though some of the concepts are large ones, they are explained in linear fashion that readers will be able to easily interpret.”

In this book, you will find innovative easy to follow step by step techniques for Self healing, Intuition development, Meditation and Spiritual advancement.


Congratulations on your book!
I took it to the beach with me this past week and found so many things in it very helpful.
After my wife reads it, I am going to go back through it again and highlight the things that I want to work with more closely.
I believe you have done a good thing toward helping humanity by making this information available.
Thanks for rekindling my interest. I am already looking forward to your next book.

I have started reading your book and what can I say…. it is greatly insightful! The spiritual truths are presented in simple,clear and crisp language with awesome clarity. The subject is dealt with integrity and I like the way it is connected at a personal level as well as at the universal.


Thank you so much for this magical, wonderful informative book.
It is so easy to read and understand. I have been looking for awhile for a teacher and the book was presented to me by you. I am only half way into the book.
Thank you for the tools you have added. It so helpful and will be used daily.
Thank you, thank you so much. You are a gem.

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