Thoughts become words,

Words become actions,

Actions become habits,

Habits form your character,

Your character forms your destiny,

Your destiny will be your life.

Therefore please, be aware of your thoughts, you are the co-creator of your destiny.

Religions vs. spirituality

Words are treacherous as they carry different interpretations to many people. When we talk about God, this word has a very individual sense and understanding for everyone. If you talk about God most people will think you are religious. Yet religions are man-made. Each religion has a prophet, a man with an advanced consciousness who came in incarnation to give a message to the population at the time. Jesus said God is love, Buddha said God is wisdom, before them Jehovah said God is power. Because, from our concrete mind we need to give a physical form to God, we worship the messengers rather than God himself.

As a metaphysician, for me God is all.  He/she is the universe and beyond. We live in his essence like a cell lives in our body. We are part of his consciousness so there is no one to worship.  Instead we should just feel in awe of this incredible creation. When we understand the laws of the universe, that it is the law of karma, the law of cycle, the law of correspondence and so on, we realize the order and orchestration of this universe and the evolution that follows.

Spirituality is finding God within, with the acceptance for all creation and all ideas, the realization that no matter the difference of our ideals and beliefs we are all part of the same consciousness. This understanding opens to love and love brings unity

Painful events

These last few weeks, many painful events have driven us to question the world we live in and why people in some places or countries are subjected to such a difficult life. Several of my clients had difficulty staying positive, being drag down in emotional turmoil. We often forget that karma is the source of our experiences. We enter in a body at birth to start a new incarnation that will present us with opportunities. The purpose of every physical life is to learn lessons and skills in living. The stage we enter is small within a greater world, yet the role that we play on that stage is not fortuitous. It is well designed by the Higher-Self of our personality.

Therefore the place we are born and the conditions of the family we come to are not an accident, but rather by design to give our Divine self, our soul, the evolution it needs in each incarnation. This evolution necessitates purification and learning, and so we are presented in our life with situations that will allow both.

However, this does not mean that we can be indifferent to people’s suffering. No mater the karma some of us have to repay, we need to express compassion. At the same time, there is also a need to understand that there is a greater purpose behind every event, no matter how difficult it may seem. Trying to understand the greater meaning of difficulties or even dramas allows us to remain centered.  It allows us to experience and radiate love as a healing method rather than adding our pain to an already difficult situation.


Addictions are robotic habits that we have developed to self medicate and get out of stressful situations. Addictions are not just to alcohol or drugs, it can be to food, to sweets, to compulsive buying, or any other doing one has difficulty to control. It is easy to over work for example to escape a difficult relationship or a stressful environment at home.  Our personality finds ways to make us feel better even though it is most likely detrimental to our life or well-being. 

Once the instant gratification is experienced, often times all that is left is a feeling of guilt, regret or self-condemnation. We end up judging ourselves negatively, weakening our power and losing our self-esteem. So instead of succumbing to your addiction, when you feel the mounting desire, breathe deeply 10 times in a row, releasing your breath slowly. It will give time for your limbic system to undergo a shift and your craving will diminish. You will gain moments of clarity and recognize that those cravings are just distractions or defenses. 

Develop a strategy of what to do instead, be prepared.  Instead of self medicating, go take a walk, call a friend, sit on the ground and evaluate what emotions you are trying to cover up. Deliberately helping yourself will bring back a sense of empowerment. You will enjoy increasing freedom as you convert the habit into choice in the moment.


We need to find the balance between using our mind to create our reality and living in denial. The first requires that we assess a situation with objectivity and take steps to transform it to our liking; the second causes us to ignore reality and invariably be struck by disappointment. 

Uncertainty is a description of reality, and yet, we have expectations about most everything we do. We would be happier and healthier if we dealt with life and the world the way it is rather than some fantasy we have about it. We can dream of a better world and take steps to participate in its transformation, but we cannot expect our reality to change until we take steps to change ourselves and our behaviors. 

The key is to be positive in your outlook, do not hide behind your fear, face reality, see it as it is, it will allow you to be objective and take appropriate action. Wishes are not enough.  For them to become reality, they need to be propelled by the strength of your desire and the power of your actions.

Levels of consciousness


Most of us have learned in childhood that we live on earth and God lives in heaven, and that the two are always separated. In reality heaven and earth exist simultaneously, in the same location, they are simply of different vibrational frequencies. 

When we practice meditation we eventually connect with our Higher Self, or our higher mind, also called our wise mind.  As we open ourselves to our higher Self we receive the guidance and assistance we need (even though it might not always be what we want). The connection with our Higher self allows for the unification of intuitive levels at our lower, concrete or logical mind. This is the first step toward soul connection, our Divine Self. 

In our present time we have the possibility to develop our mind more than ever before. It opens us not only to intuition but to the possibility of illumination. This is reaching heaven.



Trust requires an assessment of the harmful or helpful intentions of other people, or in the case of spirituality, of one’s soul. A lot of people have difficulty trusting their soul, or God if we consider souls to be a part of divinity, because they do not know its intention. Logically we should know that our own soul would not purposely harm us, yet because of fear we try to control which kind of help we receive and how it should come.

We cannot always control the outcome of situations, and entering into a power struggle with our soul will only create pain. Not only will what we resist persist, but when we push in a direction that presents signs of difficulties, we are clearly outside the path of our soul. Remember at its level, the soul has access to the past, present and future. What seems good from the limited view of our ego might have a very different outlook from the perspective of the soul.

The starting point is to build a greater trust in ourselves. We project on others what we are. If our mind is suspicious and fearful we cannot trust others and we will not be capable of trusting divinity, when our best ally and benefactor is our Divine Self.

Planetary transformation

When we think about planetary changes we often wonder how these changes are happening and why. The purpose of energetic transformation is mostly for spiritual stimulation. These new energies, coming from different sources, affect the mental and etheric body of all entities dwelling on this planet. We all experience multiple stimuli from these energies and respond to them differently.

You might at times find yourself disoriented, going to a room and for a brief moment wondering where you are or what you went there for. Those moments happen as part of the reorganization of your mental body. It might also produce times of discord, or of intense reorganization in your life.

These levels of transformation are now taking place and will continue for years to come. If you have read my book you know that I foresee these transformations taking place until 2025. These changes will bring significant improvement in our consciousness, so even if the transition is difficult at times, it is beneficial for all of us and for our planet.


There are many signs that show us when we are out of alignment, we just need to be attentive to the messages we receive. For example your body will tell you it is out of balance through pain or discomfort, yet, instead of paying attention to the message and trying to trace the source of the pain that often comes from an emotional source, we take medication to suppress it. In doing so, not only do we not listen to the message but we create more damage because of the drugs side effects.

In the same way when we encounter difficulties in our work or in following our goals we often blame circumstances rather than examining our thought process. Which kind of messages are you really sending out? Are you clear in your resolve or do you have conflicting desires and thoughts? You may think with real determination that you want to be successful and on top of your game, yet, another part of you may think it is too much work, it takes too much time, or it is not worth it. If your desires are not in alignment with your thoughts you cannot manifest what you want.

So take the time to go within and examine the cross currents of your mind and emotions that may be responsible for your pain or lack of satisfaction in your life, as those are clear signs of misalignment. Be aware of your real desires and bring yourself back into the flow of creation.